Racing modes and series – Beach Buggy Racing

Beach buggy racing is an amazing racing game. Players in the game encounter a number of challenging series modes, each offering multiple levels that close with skilled boss characters. From the dynamic urban landscapes of Easy Street to the adrenaline-pumping Tidal Rush and Typhoon Trophy, Beach Buggy Racing presents an exhilarating and demanding gameplay experience. Each series within the game demands players’ utmost driving skills and determination to conquer, eventually leading to the recruitment of defeated bosses as playable characters for subsequent races.

Single Player

It does not require anything. You just have to click on Play and choose one of the following:


In the main single-player mode, there are a total of 8 different series modes and 105 levels, in each series, you have to complete multiple levels and you must start with a certain HP for example you have to get 100HP in the second series Coconut Cup, and so on. In each series, you have to beat the final-level boss. So, there are a total of 8 bosses you have to compete with at the end of each series. The list of series is the following:


Easy Street

There are a total of 6 levels in Easy Street and in the last level you have to beat the Boss Leilani. So, after beating the boss, Leilani will be available for recruiting on your drivers screen.

Coconut Cup

It is the second series mod in beach buggy racing. This has 9 levels and you have to beat the boss in a display of true skills and showmanship. Beach bro is the boss and after winning, it will be available in your driver’s list.

Sunshine Sprint

This is the third series in the career mode. It has 15 levels and you must defeat the boss Disco Jimmy with your skills. After beating Disco Jimmy, it will be your go-to character.

Chowder Bowl

Chowder Bowl is the fourth series and contains 15 levels. You must defeat El Zipo to make it recruit on your driver’s screen.

Tropical Twist

This is the fifth series and again it has 15 levels. Here the final boss is Oog-Oog. With your skills after defeating Oog-Oog, you can make it your driver.

Pineapple Punch

Pineapple Punch is the sixth series and it has 15 levels. Roxie Roller is the boss in the final level. You can unlock him by defeating him.

Tidal Rush

The 9th series is Tidal Rush. This also has 15 levels and the final level boss is B’Zorp. After winning the series B’Zorp will be unlocked.

Typhoon Trophy

The last series in beach buggy racing is Typhoon Trophy. The final boss is Benny. You have to defeat Benny to complete this series. Different power-ups and strategies will help you to bring down the boss.



A little different from Career, Champion Ship has no series or events but instead, a list of all the cars, bought or not. When you click on a car, it does not open but instead displays the message “Would you like to buy this car for?” If you buy it, a screen with all the engine classes appears, and you have to start with 100 HP.


In this mode, you can race against your friends by choosing split-screen mode. You can race with up to 4 friends on one tablet or TV-connected device.

In conclusion, Beach Buggy Racing offers an exhilarating and challenging gameplay experience with 8 different series modes, each comprising multiple levels and culminating in a showdown against a unique boss character. As players progress through the game, they must showcase their driving skills and determination to conquer each series and recruit the defeated bosses as playable characters for subsequent races.

From the bustling streets of Easy Street to the heart-pounding Tidal Rush and Typhoon Trophy, the game immerses players in a world of vibrant tracks and fierce competition. With its diverse series and rewarding progression system, Beach Buggy Racing promises an engaging and thrilling journey for players seeking the ultimate racing adventure

Quick, intense, enjoyable, and free, An island adventure for kart racing fans of all ages is Beach Buggy Racing. Use a variety of inventive powerups together with your driving prowess to battle your way to the finish line. Not only is it a visually stunning 3D racing game, but it also has amazing physics-based gameplay and epic combat!