Beach Buggy Racing Characters

The sun-kissed beaches, the roar of the waves, and the excitement of racing – Beach Buggy Racing APK brings it all together in a thrilling gaming experience and explore the diverse world of Beach Buggy Racing characters! This is the key element that adds charm to this game, each character with a unique personality and special abilities can turn the tide of a race.

In this article, we will take a closer look at the exciting lineup of characters in Beach Buggy Racing and explore what makes each so special.

1. Rez

Rez is a character in the Beach Buggy Racing series who has several special abilities. Rez’s special ability in Beach buggy racing is “Burning Rubber” which gives him a burst of speed with a fiery trail that makes your opponent stop, drop, and roll. These special abilities can tip the balance of power in a race and make Raz a formidable opponent.

2. Beach Bro


Starting our journey through the sandy tracks is Beach Bro. Beach Bro has a special attire that allows him to wear sunglasses while racing which can provide a similar visual advantage over other racers.

His special ability is “Ball Blaster” which allows him to bounce the opponents high into the sky with a torrent of beach balls. These abilities give him an advantage in certain tracks and environments, particularly those with water or slippery surfaces.

3. Roxie Roller

For those who prefer a touch of glamour then Roxie is the character to choose because she is a movie star in the world of Beach Buggy Racing and  Roxie’s special ability is “Derby Dash” which temporarily blinds opponents with the glow of her stardom. It is a flashy move that not only looks stunning but also gives Roxie the upper hand in crucial moments.

4. Benny

Benny has a bunny suit that is a mystery, what is not a mystery is he has not washed it for a long time.

Benny has the special ability of “carrot cannon” that is he shoots a barrage of exploding giant carrots to slow down the rivals. In addition, you can compare Benny vs Disco Jimmy to see their similarities and differences.

5. Leilani

In real Leilani is a celebrity and reality TV star who gained her special ability to drive a beach buggy after participating in the popular show, “The Amazing Race.” From that day on Leilani became known not only as a fun-loving and adventurous celebrity but also as a skilled Beach Buggy Racing driver. Her special ability is “Flower Power” which leaves a trail of flowers that slows the opponents behind.

6. Disco Jemmy


Disco Jemmy, with a flair for the groovy, lights up the tracks. His “Dance Fever” will launch disco lights on opponents and urge the opponent to boogie and then pass them while they are dancing. Disco Jimmy’s special ability can be triggered by holding down the fire button and can be used to gain an advantage in the game.

7. B’Zorp

B’Zorp has alien powers that are out of this world. It has a special ability called “TeleZorp”. When activated, it locks to opponent target ahead of you and causes you to move the rival with jerky movements. It is one of the most powerful attacks in the game.

8. Oog-Oog

Oog-Oog is a powerful tiki sorcerer and a fierce opponent. The special ability is “Tiki Curse” which calls upon the power of Tiki Gods to confuse and confound the other racers. Oog-Oog is also quite large and immune to shock damage making him challenging for other racers to take down.

9. El Zipo

El Zipo is very quick and fast, making him a popular choice among players. He has a special ability of “Off the Ropes” that induces a speed boost, creating trailing blue rays. Any competitor making contact during this period will be propelled into the air, spiraling rapidly.

10. McSkelly


Adding a touch of the supernatural to the roster is McSkelly also known as the ghostly pirate lost at sea. Do not let his bones fool you – McSkelly is a formidable opponent on the tracks.

His special ability is “Ghost Ride” which allows him to summon bony hands that grab and slow down other rivals and give him a chance to drive past them. McSkelly’s special ability and powerful engine make him a formidable opponent in the game and can hit the Yeti stronger.

11. Whiplash

We have Whiplash who is the daredevil of Beach Buggy Racing. Whiplash is always up for a challenge with his fiery hair and devil-may-care attitude.

His special ability is “Fireball Frenzy” which allows him to launch fireballs at opponents creating a blazing spectacle on the tracks and ensuring that Whiplash remains a force to be reckoned with, so you can easily achieve the egg hunter trophy by overcoming your rivals.

12. Pirate Pete

Pirate Pete is the daring and romantic racer ready to loot victory. With his eye patch and pirate hat, Pete brings a touch of adventure to the race.

His special ability is “Plunder Pistols” which allows him to fire cannonballs at opponents creating obstacles on the track and giving him a chance to seize the lead with strategies.


In conclusion, Beach Buggy Racing offers a diverse and entertaining cast of characters, each bringing their style and flair to the game. Whether you prefer the laid-back vibes of Beach Bro, the futuristic speed of Rez, or the supernatural moves of McSkelly, with tips and tricks there is a character for every racing enthusiast. So, buckle up hunt different achievements, and hit the sand.

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There are 10 characters or drivers in Beach buggy racing.

Rez takes the lead as the initial playable character in Beach Buggy Racing. His special skill, known as “Burning Rubber,” stands out as one of the most potent abilities within the game, contributing to Rez’s popularity and making him a highly favored character among players.

Aside from Beatbot and Clutch, Mikka is one of the three new drivers included in Beach Buggy Racing 2.