Beach Buggy Racing Power-up Guide

Beach Buggy Racing is an exciting simple racing game where you can race around tracks with other drivers. On the route, you will find different powerups and these powerups can be used to take an advantage in the race. Understanding the various powerups available during the race is important for success, as they can give players a significant advantage if used strategically.

Here’s a breakdown of some of the powerups and their functions in the game:


The Rocket powerup allows players to target and shoot homing rockets at their opponents. When activated, the rocket homes in on the nearest opponent making it a potent offensive weapon to gain a competitive edge.

Oil Slick:

The Oil Slick powerup enables players to deploy a slick of oil on the track that causes other racers to spin out of control if they drive over it.



Upon activation, the Fireball powerup launches a fiery projectile that can be used to damage and slow down other racers. Players can strategically aim and launch the fireball, making it a versatile offensive tool.


The Shield powerup provides temporary protection to the player, deflecting incoming attacks and obstacles. It is useful for defending against offensive powerups and maintaining a competitive position in the race.


The Turbo powerup provides a significant speed boost to the player’s vehicle, allowing them to surge ahead of opponents and gain ground. This powerup is valuable for overtaking competitors and reaching the finish line first.


It fires a firework and hits the car ahead of you, causing the speed to zero.

Dodgeball Fury:

Launches three dodgeballs in front of you—one forward, one diagonally left, and one diagonally right—that get back off walls and reset any cars they come into contact with.


When activated, the Tornado powerup creates a swirling vortex that pulls in nearby opponents and causes them to lose control of their vehicles.


Freeze Ray:

Fires a beam of ice straight ahead of you then freezing whatever car it hits for a brief time making it slide across the track more difficult to drive and triggering a reset upon impact.

Earth Strike:

It makes a crack appear in front of you as you move forward, launching cars into the air.

Tiki Seeker:

It fires a short-range missile that targets the vehicle in front of it and resets it if it hits it.

Lightning Strike:

It fires a lightning bolt from your car that has a short range and resets the closest other car ahead of you.

Remote Control:

The vehicle ahead of you will steer in together with your car for a brief period.


When it is launched three dragon heads are fired, and strike any cars in the path.


Chicken Crate:

Lays a container on the ground so that if the vehicle drives into it, a chicken will cover the majority of the screen.

Mystery Crate:

Lays a crate on the ground that will give the driver a random consequence if they drive into it.

Fake Powerup:

Places a fictitious power-up down so that if a car strikes its speed reduces.


Lays down a spring so that the next car that hits it will be propelled into the air.

Angry Bull:

Any vehicles that collide with your vehicle will be reset for a brief time.

Low Gravity:

It becomes more difficult to control and gather speed when all other cars momentarily begin to lift.

Big Tires:

The tires on every other car momentarily expand and bounce, making it more difficult to steer and pick up speed.


For all other cars, the left and right controls are momentarily switched.


All other cars are given a temporary Dyn-O-Mite stick, which explodes if it collides with anything and resets all the cars in a short area.


Generates a brief earthquake, which makes all other cars steering a little bit more difficult.

Death Bat:

Fires a bat that will pursue and reset the car that was hit in the first place; any more cars that are hit by accident along the route will also be reset.

Ball and Chain:

Temporarily slows down all other cars by fastening a ball and chain to them.


Police Chase:

Allows your car to hit obstacles with minimal loss of momentum and a little speed boost.

Spiked Tires:

Provides you with spiked tires for a short while, which makes steering easier.


Gives your car a quick acceleration boost.

These powerups add an extra layer of excitement and strategy to the gameplay, as you must strategically use them to outmaneuver and outpace your opponents. Understanding when to deploy each powerup and how to counter opponents’ powerups is essential for achieving success in Beach Buggy Racing and it also makes it easy to achieve the Cry of Yeti and Egg Hunter trophy.

In conclusion, mastering the powerups in Beach Buggy Racing is a key component of achieving victory in the game. Each powerup offers unique advantages and strategic opportunities, enriching the racing experience. Learning to effectively utilize these powerups while navigating the high-speed, adrenaline-fueled races is crucial for dominating the competition and crossing the finish line first.

You should experiment with different powerups, consider their effects, and develop tactical approaches to maximize their potential. By honing their skills and mastering the art of power-up deployment, you can elevate your racing performance and experience the thrill of victory in Beach Buggy Racing

If you are using touch screens, look for the blue circle on the right of the screen. Press it to use Powerups. If you are playing with a gamepad, press the A button while accelerating with the right trigger. On PS4 and Xbox One, press the X button instead of the A button.

On the screen, look for the blue circle on the right and tap it to use the Powerup. If you are using a gamepad, press the A button while speeding up with the right trigger. For PS4 and Xbox One, use the X button instead. If you’re playing on the keyboard, just press the SPACE key.