Vector Unit the developer of beach buggy racing

Vector Unit the developer of Beach buggy racing gifted the game development team with their amazing product and has had a big impact on the world of video games.

In this essay, we will go into the history of Vector Unit and the fascinating world of Beach Buggy Racing. We will explore the thrill that this video game series offers players worldwide from the introduction of the first beach buggy to the most recent improvements. In addition, you can download Beach Buggy Racing APK for your Android.

Who Owns Vector Unit & who makes Beach buggy racing

In December 2007 Ralf Knoesel and Matt Small established Vector Unit. Initially, the two collaborated on Blood Wake at Stormfront Studios. Vector Unit created and released the video game Beach Buggy Racing for iOS and Android which is an innovative game development studio known for its expertise in crafting. Vector Unit brings the thrill of off-road racing to life with a dedicated team of talented individuals.

Beach Buggy Racing Games by Vector Unit

Vector Unit has released multiple of the Beach Buggy Racing series and each is offering an exhilarating racing experience. You can compare Beach Buggy 1 and Beach Buggy 2 to see.


Beach Buggy Racing 1

Beach Buggy Racing for PC introduced players to a vibrant world of racing where they could choose from a diverse of characters and powerful cars. The dynamic tracks and exciting power-ups make it a fan favorite. In addition, the game offers different game modes.

So drive into the chaos of an off-road-kart racing world full of surprises, adrenaline, achievements, and shortcuts! Collect crazy power-ups such as Dodgeball Frenzy, Fireball, and Oil Slick.

(2023.09.06) In this update: Catch lightning with our newest car – The electrifying Killawatt!

(2024.01.04) In this update: New privacy preferences and compliance changes, Fixed Dune Jumper showroom option, and Increased instability.

Compete against opponents each with a distinct personality and specific skills. Unlock and improve a variety of vehicles from monster trucks to beach buggies. Test your abilities against a group of rivals that love the tropics and have a terrible case of road rage in 6 distinct game modes on 12 creative 3D race tracks!

Best Character and Best Car in Beach Buggy Racing

Determining the best character in Beach Buggy Racing is subjective and depends on personal preference. Each character possesses unique abilities and personalities that add an element of strategy and playstyle customization. Some players may favor the cunning tactics of Rez while others might prefer the tiki curse of the Oog-Oog character.


Similar to character selection the best car in Beach Buggy Racing varies based on individual playstyle and track preferences. Cars excel in different aspects such as top speed, handling, or off-road capabilities. Players may find cars like the Killawatt or the Rock Stomper particularly advantageous in certain situations.

Beach Buggy Racing 2

Building upon the success of its initial game, Beach Buggy Racing 2 improved the racing experience even further. Enhanced graphics, improved controls, and an expanded selection of characters and vehicles took players on a thrilling journey through stunning environments.

Additionally, the game introduced exciting editions like BBR2: Tesla Edition, which integrated the futuristic charm of Tesla electric vehicles into the gameplay.

The latest update of beach buggy racing 2

For all of you motorcyclists out there, the most recent update to Beach Buggy Racing 2 (2023.05.08) includes a special treat: a brand-new motorbike! Vector Unit

(2023.10.11) It is the Halloween 2023 update: Spooky themed events including Scarecrow Slalom. Pumpkin car screaming jack returns. Bats and ghosts in the body shop.

BeachBuggy Racing 2: Tesla edition

Only approved Tesla cars may enjoy the all-new driving experience that Tesla Edition brings. In the game, Tesla owners may customize their cars with realistic customizations like colors and wheel rims. Car controls include the physical steering wheel and brake pedal, touch controls on the screen, and gamepad controllers that connect via USB. There are even split-screen games for two players, one for the driver and any additional passengers.


Beach Buggy Racing 2: Island adventure

The popular kart racer Beach Buggy Racing 2 gains new visuals, split-screen competition, and customizable game rules in the premium edition. Play any game mode including the story-driven Adventure mode, multi-event Championships, heart-racing Races, skill-testing Drift Attacks, and more, alone or with friends in split-screen.

Beach Buggy Racing Blitz

Beach Buggy Racing Blitz added a competitive edge to the series. It challenged players to achieve high scores within time-limited races and offered fast-paced action and leaderboard competitions. So, gather coins along the road to customize the game itself with additional consumables and powerups. Moreover, unlock new drivers and cars and upgrade or paint your vehicle.


Vector Unit has given an amazing race experience and is known for its thrilling force in the gaming industry with the creation of Beach Buggy Racing. Through its innovative approach, dedication to quality, and continuous updates Vector Unit ensures that it gives an exhilarating racing experience to players.

Whether you are a fan of intense competition, stunning visuals, or simply enjoy the thrill of off-road racing Beach Buggy Racing by Vector Unit is the best option for you.

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Vector Unit created and released the racing video game Beach Buggy Blitz for BlackBerry, iOS, and Android platforms.

Bruce Meyers

However, he was a victim of businesses that stole his idea for buggie-converting Beetle kits. Bruce Meyers, who died on February 16, used his boat-building expertise to create the first fibreglass dune buggy, sparking the off-road riding craze of the late 1960s and lasting until imitations inundated the market.

Matt Small is the CEO at Vector Unit.

Vector Unit is located in San Rafael, California, United States .