Egg Hunter Achievements In Beach Buggy Racing

There are a total of 15 levels and each one has egg hunter achievements in Beach buggy racing. You only need to find 10 eggs and hit them to earn the trophy and if you use strong drivers like Benny or Disco Jimmy it will be easy for you to hit the eggs scattered on the road.

You will find a charming picture of a chick on the screen when you hit them and will receive some cash the mileage will be recorded but remember that’s not the end still, you have to complete the race to get in the first position.

So, be ready to hit the eggs on the track of different levels to achieve the trophy.

Shark Harbor

There is a shortcut down a narrow passageway on the right-hand side of the track that leads to a slope at the finish. You can just reduce your speed as you come to the ramp and hit the egg on the roof of a building just as the ramp ends.


Fiesta Village

This one is also pretty close to the beginning, look for the jetty with the biggest boat anchored to it then drive slowly down the jetty and hit the egg that will be at the bottom.

Crab Cove

The Egg is right there sitting on a beach area, as you pass through the stone archway right after the race begins then slow down and turn left shortly after this.

Blizzard Vale

The Egg is located behind several barrels on the right side as you move after the first set of power-ups.

Red Planet


Head left when you approach the section with low gravity; the Egg is halfway up the wall on the left-hand side. Alternately, slow down the race reverse a little and use the wall as a half pipe to go up and grab the Egg.

Misty Marsh

At the halfway point of the track, there is a substantial stone ramp or jump. The Egg is in front of you if you smash through the boats at the left-hand bottom of the jump.

Glacier Gulch

You might need to repeat this several times to keep from receiving the out-of-bounds notification before reaching the Egg. Just before the second huge jump, turn off the track to the left and you will find the Egg floating on a glacier.

Paradise Beach

There are two wooden roads after you pass the portion with the caves. The Egg sits below and to the right of the tiny cabin on your right between two yellow arrows as you begin the second portion, thus you are looking to go off the beaten path to collect it.


Mushroom Grotto

Just before you pass the second set of power-ups the egg is halfway around the track you will discover it behind the huge mushrooms.

Tiki Temple

Slow down as you approach the large lava-filled room halfway around and then look to your left to find an altar with the Egg on it. To land on the altar, you will need precise timing on your landing on the ramp that typically leads to the trick and shortcut. It took me a few tries to get the speed and angle just right but it is possible.

Dino Jungle

A cave with a waterfall can be found halfway around the track. Veer right and proceed over the green ramp making sure to jump to access a secret tunnel at the top. As you emerge from this tunnel the Egg lies to the left of the waterfalls.


Death Bat Alley

There is a shortcut on the left after the second set of power-ups but getting across parts of the broken roads safely requires some effort. The egg is located in the center of the ramp that lies at the end of the shortcut.

On Pineapple Punch level 6, you will acquire this organically because the Follow the Leader round directs you in this direction. Additionally, the Leap of Faith trophy will be unlocked.


Look for the enormous orange fish that is not swimming towards the ceiling in the water tunnel early on. To get the egg hanging from the ceiling, use two or three turbos, or Rex’s turbo.

Fire and Ice

The egg is situated almost parallel and to the left of the real jumping-off location but on a lower ground level. At the end of the race, you will come to a large ramp then you can either slow down and head off to the left of the ramp or jump off and reverse.

Spooky Shores

There is a jetty leading off into the distance halfway around immediately following the shortcut leap. You can find the egg if you drive into this jetty slowly.

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The easter egg is not visible in any of the screenshots since, once collected it will not appear in later races. However, if you have not acquired one before, it will be visible. All you have to do to discover any of these easter eggs is to drive into them. When you get all ten this trophy will explode.

The Egg Hunter Achievement in Beach Buggy Racing requires players to locate hidden Easter Eggs in various race locations within the game.

To complete the Egg Hunter Achievement, players need to find Easter Eggs in 12 different race locations within Beach Buggy Racing.

Yes, there are visual guides and tutorials available on platforms such as YouTube, which provide assistance in locating the Easter Eggs for the Egg Hunter Achievement.